June 22, 2002

Doug Shepherd "Type Foundry Sessions"

This is a fun, fascinating little release! Pressed on clear plastic, the concept behind this EP is just as unique. Doug Shepherd is a lo-fi folkie-type, but he's decided to release a series of EP's, but they are based on the notion that each EP will be recorded at different studios and with a different backing band. Though I don't know what's going to be next, I have to say that the "Portland, Oregon" session is pretty nice! I think Shepherd's English, because he's got an accent that reminds me quite a bit of Nick Drake, but he's not a sappy folkie by any means. Actually, the five songs on here go by rather quickly and leave you wanting more. The fact that he kind of sounds like Nick Drake shouldn't imply that he's a folkie, because he's not, and the opening "Wind is Warm" is certainly a lovely little folkie number. It's the only one of its kind, it seems; if anything, he's really into early 80s indie-pop. In fact, I'd say he's got a bit of a tendency towards garage rock. "Tin Angel" and "On The Moon" are certainly fast-paced rockers. All in all, a fun little experiment, and I'm certainly anxious to hear more!

--Joseph Kyle

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