February 12, 2002

Six Cents and Natalie "When Punk Fell to Earth"

A record such as this--of lo-fi pop recorded nearly a decade ago--is slightly difficult to talk about outside of sweeping generalizations and vague musical references. Giving you the benefit of the doubt, I thought that the best way to describe the music on When Punk Fell To Earth would be a simle word association. After all, references to Daniel Johnston can only go so far, especially when the only comparison between the two can only be found in the fact they both recorded lo-fi cassettes. So, to cut to the chase, Each song was lovingly listened to, and the first thing that came to mind was jotted down. I hope that, somehow, this is helpful for you.

Joseph's Word Association for When Punk Fell To Earth

01. "still maybe"= Clink-Clink.
02. "Molly Dodd"= Hand-holding robots.
03. "Stitch-n-String"= Thunky keyboards.
04. "Wedding Bells in D#"= Restraining Orders
05. "Simple"= complex
06. "Ultimatum"= dumped.
07. "Penalty Box"= hockey-hop.
08. "Breckenridge"= kitty goes skiing
09. "Pinecones and Ice Cream"= the alien invasion sounds like the fanfare from a heavy metal concert
10. "The Water Song"= the best song Adam Goren never wrote (and even more disturbing, this was before I learned it was a Mountain Goats song)
11. "Surfergirl"= hurry up and drown!
12. "Easter Sunday"= let's smooch the lonely alien-boy
13. "True Colors"= Cindy's got a lawsuit!
14. "I Called Just to Hear Your Voice"= chapstick and lipstick=you!
15. "The Sadness of Science"= ugh!
16. "The Third Man"= yeah, who didn't kill Laura Palmer
17. "Your Swimming Suit"= let's get naked and new wave!
18. "Your Class"= Stalkers cry, too.
19. "I'm Smarter than That"= you can think that if you wish
20. "Sea Side Cafe"= okay....
21. "Queenie Isn't Here"= teenage boys and girls swear..shocking!
22. "Manufactured Drum Sounds"= truth in advertising never hurt
23. "Whose Side Are you On?"= let me get back to you on that one
24. "Living on Video"= dying on audio
25. "Mail Order Catalog"= What, there's more?

--Joseph Kyle

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